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Copyright & Intellectual Property Rights

1. The Libya Herald’s ability to provide high quality content depends on all our users – paid subscribers and visitors (non paid subscribers) complying with our copyright policy.

We reserve the right to change our copyright policy from time to time by publishing an updated policy on, which shall become effective and replace any previous policy with effect from publication. This version of our copyright policy was published on 16 February 2022. Contact us if you require any clarification.

Copyright law gives the copyright owner the exclusive right to control the use of copyright protected works. All of the content we publish online with, in print in Libya Herald Business Eye, in any form on any platform, (including Libya Herald content published on third party platforms) is the intellectual property of the Libya Herald and protected by copyright law and should only be used as set out below.

All ‘Libya Herald content’ on (including but not limited to editorial content, text, graphics, images, videos, photographs, other data, design, organisation) is owned entirely by the Libya Herald. The design, organisation, compilation, look and feel, advertising and all other protectable intellectual property (the “Content”) available to visitors and paid subscribers are our property or the property of our advertisers and licensors and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, or attributed to other sources as original creators.

2. By accessing you are agreeing to the terms and conditions posted on this site. In return for Libya Herald allowing you access to you accept the following terms and conditions you acknowledge that all intellectual property rights including copyright in belong to the Libya Herald.

If you use in the course of your business or work, you are also agreeing to these terms and conditions on behalf of that business. If you do not, or cannot agree with the terms and conditions you should not use or any Libya Herald content.

Unauthorised copying is a way of avoiding paying for the value you are gaining by using the content, and threatens our ability to continue to create the content. Copyright law does allow limited republication for certain limited purposes, including the reporting of news or current events. Unless your use of our content is permitted by this Copyright Policy, it is likely that we regard it as “unfair” and a breach of our terms and conditions. Use that is made without our permission and infringes our copyright could result in personal and corporate liability.

3. We invite individuals and organisations that may be using Libya Herald Content without the appropriate permissions to approach us to discuss the use.

We will consider it breach of copyright if we discover individuals or organisations infringing our copyright, which then refuse to stop and/or refuse to engage with us.

If you rely on access to Libya Herald content for your job, and would like to share the Libya Herald’s content with other people in your organisation, then we advise you/your company to have a corporate subscription. Please contact Managing Editor Sami Zaptia about taking out a corporate or multi-user license.

If you wish to make inquiries about a license to systematically reproduce material from the Libya Herald or publish our headlines as part of a commercial service, please contact Sami Zaptia.

4. Users may access content in solely for their own personal, non-commercial use.  Unless a user is in possession of prior written consent from Libya Herald – users may not sell, publish, distribute, retransmit or otherwise provide others with access to Libya Herald content.

This condition applies to paid subscribers and visitors (non-paid subscribers) to the site. All “content” available on remains the property of Libya Herald and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws

Each subscription is strictly personal and to be used exclusively by the subscriber to whom it is addressed. The printing or storage of only one private copy is permitted for personal and not commercial use. This means that you can print and article or an issue and/or download it on your own computer only for your personal use

We recognise that users of the Internet want to share information with others. We therefore permit limited republishing and redistribution of Libya Herald content as set out below provided that this does not create a ‘substitute’ for Libya Herald’s own products or services. A ‘substitute’ is defined as a product or service that reduces the need for users or other third parties to visit Libya Herald Content directly, or which creates revenue from the Libya Herald Content to the detriment of Libya Herald’s own ability to generate revenues from that content.

5. Subscribers to and users of Libya Herald content may do the following:

  • View Libya Herald content for your personal use and store content on a device for your personal use;
  • Print single copies of articles on paper for your personal use;
  • Share online or by email giving the original Libya Herald headline, or a link to the Libya Herald article (on and no more than the first 150 characters of an article;
  • Download our RSS feeds and view them for your personal not commercial use;
  • Publish our RSS feed as it is made available on, and ensure that the headline links back to the full text article on and attribute the feed as “© Libya Herald 2022’’;
  • Extracts (30-word copied verbatim) or summaries (30 word non-verbatim summary) from a Libya Herald article can be republished, on condition the source is given as Libya Herald and a hyper link is provided to the original article on However you may not create, republish or redistribute more than five summaries or abstracts sourced from different Libya Herald articles published on the same day. To do increases probability of use to form a ‘Substitute’ for Libya Herald’s own products and services – which would infringe our copyright;
  • Except as permitted above you undertake not to copy, store in any medium [including any other web site], distribute, transmit, re-transmit, modify, or show in public any part of without the prior written permission of Libya Herald.

6. Without explicit prior written permission from Libya Herald, visitors and subscribers to and users of Libya Herald content may:

  • Not use Libya Herald content to create substitute sources
  • Not copy, publish, sell, republish, redistribute, communicate, transmit or disseminate to third parties Libya Herald content – full text articles, photographs, graphics, tables or images.or otherwise provide access to the Content to anyone else;
  • Not establish any electronic links with and/or make use of Libya Herald Content which imply Libya Herald’s endorsement or support for any third party product, service or event, unless with a written agreement with Libya Herald regarding that specific product, service or event;
  • Not download or print the material, or extracts from it, in a systematic or regular manner or otherwise so as to create a database in electronic or paper form comprising all or part of the material appearing on ;
  • Not archive or store any Libya Herald content for access by anyone other than yourself;
  • Not remove the copyright notice from any copies of Libya Herald content;
  • Not create a database in electronic or any form by systematically and/or regularly downloading, caching, printing and storing all or any of the Libya Herald content.

If the Libya Herald notifies you that it believes you are creating, republishing or redistributing summaries outside of these parameters, you shall immediately cease doing so and we will consider you to have breached our copyright, until or unless Libya Herald reaches an agreement with you regarding your use of Libya Herald articles.


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